Beastly good Christmas - these were the stars of the 2023 festivities
Say goodbye to the sour pickle season: the absolute public favourite in 2023 was the white shepherd dog with a glittering gold and red bobble hat!
New: Figure sets in an exclusive collector's edition
Simply magical: glass figurine sets in elegant, wooden collector's boxes don't just look enchanting at Christmas.
Christmas workshop to go - this is how it's done!
Creative handicraft lessons guaranteed: Become an artist yourself and design your very own personalised Christmas decorations!
Start of the 2023 season: Bright prospects for the Christmas tree!
Fabulous, delicious and even with DIY craft kits: look forward to over 200 exciting new products in our range!
And once again: New highlights for the festival
Anchor, Burger de luxe, Candy Cream Cupcake - that's the ABC of the third round of novelties!
Novelties 2.0: More treasures online now!
Oh you holy sardine can, Santa is already getting back on his sleigh!
Start of the 2022 season: full shelves with delicious new products
Whether rollmops, radishes or pink wool - this year our range is really stepping on the gas when it comes to unusual items.
Thank you - for a great season!
When the most beautiful pieces of jewelry disappear back into their treasure chests ... it's high time to wish them all the best for the new year and say THANK YOU out loud!
Merry Christmas!
Tomorrow, children, there will be something! Tomorrow we'll be happy ...
Sold out? One word, many meanings ...
Christmas is not far off, the wish list has been written, but your favorite item is sold out. What now? We answer all your questions on the subject: When will it be available again?
Start of the 2021 season: Let's get going!
Our new product range in three snappy words? Healthy, colorful and round! In addition to unusual figurines, you can now also find classic Christmas tree decorations!
Memorabilia for a special year: the 2020 novelties!
What a year! 2020 really had it all. Let us remember it with some very special figures. From suitcase stacks to bathtub foam baths: our new additions to the range are once again diverse. And even symbolic ...