DIY wooden card:  Butterfly

More than just words, more than just a card: anyone who opens this envelope will be wide-eyed. Because it's not just a yellow A6 double card made of paper with a black silhouette of a classic butterfly that conveys the kind greetings of a good friendship. A thin wooden card made of 1 mm thick birch plywood with instructions in German, English and French also flutters out of it.

The exciting task for the recipient: carefully cut out all the laser-cut pieces, using a cutter knife if necessary, and skilfully assemble them into a three-dimensional DeKo object according to the instructions. Tadaa, there you have it, the butterfly, which is strongly reminiscent of a swallowtail and provides plenty of summery flair at the workplace, on the kitchen lamp or on the window sash. Hung on a thin piece of twine, it is sure to quickly find a suitable place to fly. It looks marvellous, natural and light with its subtly patterned, striking wings, delicate legs and antennae.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C6
Material: Wood
Manufactured in: Germany

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