3D card:  Cow

A postcard that you'll simply love? With this sophisticated 3D card, it's not just the pleasure of reading that's guaranteed. It's also great fun to write and look forward to sending. Because only at second glance does it really become clear: the colourfully printed work of art is not just a clever decorative object made of paper. It's also a greetings card that cleverly conceals the space for a few kind words inside.

Unfolded in a few simple steps, the entire inside of the classic black and white spotted cow presents itself for good wishes, funny stories or an invitation to the next day on the farm. A grass-green, oblong envelope in a standard format also guides the pretty animal safely through the post to the recipient, who can then unfold it in a few simple steps into a sturdy figure that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C5/6
Manufactured in: Germany

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