3D card:  Christmas house

A Christmas greeting that packs a punch: With this ingenious 3D card, you're not just sending kind words. You're wrapping up a whole house, which miraculously saves space and fits easily into the enclosed Christmas red envelope when folded thinly.

Do you also love strolling through the streets in the icy cold in winter and taking a look here and there into the warmly lit windows of the houses, from which pure cosiness radiates? Of course, this is most beautiful at Christmas, when the festively decorated Christmas trees sparkle in the cosy parlours and the families have gathered together in joyful company. This postcard brings just such a scene to the colourfully printed, thick paper, which can be unfolded into a stately, traditional half-timbered house with three floors in just a few simple steps. Covered in white, snow piles up on the roof and window sills, thick smoke billows out of the chimney, while the windows spray yellow light and reveal Christmas moments. A decorative object that can be placed on the coffee table or windowsill and is guaranteed to brighten up more than just the dark winter days; the friendly lines, for which a white, lined space is provided on the back of the house, can be read again and again and will therefore certainly be remembered for much longer.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C5/6
Manufactured in: Germany

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