3D card:  Colourful tulips

A spring greeting that packs a punch: With this sophisticated 3D card, you're not just sending loving words. You are literally sending a whole bunch of flowers, which can be folded so thinly to save space that they fit into the enclosed purple envelope.

On the other hand, the colourfully printed, strong paper can be easily unfolded into a small but extremely impressive work of art. The base is formed by a grey and white marbled flower pot in the shape of a cuboid that becomes narrower towards the bottom. Planted in brown soil, a wonderfully colourful bouquet of tulips with lush green leaves and flowers in yellow, orange, pink and purple presents itself above it. Placed on the coffee table or windowsill, it will certainly remind you of the friendly lines for a long time to come, for which a free space is provided on the back of the flower pot.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C5/6
Manufactured in: Germany

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