3D card:  Captain

Full speed ahead! Are you still looking for the right packaging for a cruise voucher or just want to send a maritime greeting? Then this card is just the thing for you, because this perfectly shaped captain is sure to score points. Clichéd, but or perhaps precisely because of this, the sailor presents himself in a yellow Frisian mink, blue trousers, blue and white striped jumper and the classic captain's cap with anchor on his head. The full white beard and the brown pipe in his friendly mouth are of course a must. Slightly unfolded, the 3D figurine boldly reaches for the steering wheel. And if you want to say more than "Ahoy!", there is space on the sailor's back for a few unctuous words.

By the way: the beige envelope is of course included with the card.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C5/6
Manufactured in: Germany

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