DIY wooden card:  Bee

For beekeepers, nature lovers, honey lovers and everyone who loves summer: Whether as an invitation to the next garden party or as an expression of a great love of nature - this handmade card with the image of a bee elegantly spreading its wings as it crawls over a honeycomb simply enhances any greeting. Made from recycled cotton, the motif has been laser-cut into the paper with millimetre precision. A coloured insert, in this case of course in sunny bee yellow, provides wonderful contrasts.

Particularly ingenious: The accurate cuts can be carefully pre-folded and then, when the addressee pulls the card out of the envelope after handing it over, they come up again in an artfully raised position. In this way, the little bee can really take off in the truest sense of the word.

Note: This card naturally comes with a matching white envelope, also made of handmade paper.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C6
Material: Handmade paper
Manufactured in: Germany

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