DIY wooden card:  Christmas tree

In today's fast-paced and often virtual world, everyone is happy to receive a kind greeting by post. However, your letter will probably be particularly memorable with this kit card, with which you not only send words, but also a small gift! Laser-cut into a colourfully printed, thin wooden sheet, the motif can be carefully and easily pressed out and assembled into an artistic, three-dimensional decorative object.

In this case: a colourfully decorated Christmas tree, which can be hung on a thin thread or simply placed on a window, lamp, table or shelf, for example. And in case you're wondering - there's of course plenty of writing space too: in addition to a white envelope, the wooden card also comes with a colourful, classic folded card with a matching motif.

Envelope: yes
Format: DIN C6
Material: Wood
Material: Wood
Manufactured in: Germany

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